The Last Time I Tried Something New

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Whether it's speaking in front of many people, tasting exotic culinary experiments, jumping out of an airplane to skydive, exploring a gloomy cemetery alone, or revealing your secret feelings to a love interest, each of us have tried something new in our lives. And yes, we've all passed that phase in life where we encounter situations that make us hesitant in moving forward - because our thinking freezes to the point of crippling our life-changing decisions. We become nervous, as a result. Sounds familiar? When was the last time you were in such scenarios?

"Blame human nature!" you say. Yet, trying something for the first time naturally stirs uncertainty, maybe panic, or perhaps anticipated pain - especially for those who aren't sure what they're doing by venturing into unfamiliar territory. Will I look dumb in front of an audience? What if I get poisoned for trying food I don't know? What if my parachute doesn't work after jumping off the plane? Will I see a ghost or witness paranormal activity in this place full of dead people? Does the woman I love feel the same way for me? Such confusing questions cloud our thoughts, test our courage, and obviously challenge us to escape the confines of our comfort zones. On the contrary, you might never realize the answers to these queries unless you do something drastic and push that first foot forward.

"Plunge right in and learn to swim afterward," is the typical advice I hear from game-changers, risk-takers, and adventurous entrepreneurs who swear by the effectiveness of this proven approach.

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From my experience, I think they have a valid point and a potent strategy! Here are some powerful reasons why trying something new is crucial for your growth, enrichment, and development.

Your mental capacity is enhanced. Did you know that the human brain deteriorates as the person ages? Unless, of course, this part of the central nervous system keeps learning new things. For instance, it has been discovered that people who study new languages sport larger brains than those who don't. Similar to fitness programs that improve one's physical well-being, it's important for your brain to be constantly stimulated, trained, and fed with productive information and useful knowledge for its progress. From a scientific perspective, your brain needs to maintain learning significant material for its vital evolution and long-term survival.

It strengthens your self-confidence. Winning isn't always guaranteed every time you try a new endeavor to achieve your goals. You don't need to see the entire staircase, thus your first step matters in whatever positive direction you're heading to. Begin in a small way. And every time you become triumphant in the little efforts you've accomplished, it increases your chances of being more confident in trying other new projects and dreams you wish to pursue. Failure is inevitably part and parcel of life, and the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can celebrate the sweetness of success.

Trying new things rewards you with joyfulness. Passion is that "state of flow" where time flies without your consciousness. It can also be determined by exploring novel experiences that add up to your curiosity of chosen disciplines. In the first place, how will you know if you'll enjoy a fresh activity unless you'll try it? A no-brainer, isn't it? Moreover, embracing enjoyment while trying something new provides you with the strength, courage, and perseverance to endure hardships and conquer obstacles that hinder your quest for excellence. At the end of the day, it's all about injecting happiness into your journey regardless of whether or not you'll reach your destination.

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Personally, I have always been terrified of the extreme depths of the ocean. And never in my life have I imagined being courageous enough to be at the bottom of the waves, standing on the vast sea bed to explore an unknown aquatic environment. I've tried free-diving before where I only swam on the shallower parts of the beach area, wearing protective swimming goggles to appreciate the nearby marine life. For me, plunging into the deeper and darker abyss of the thick blue waters of the ocean was like landing on an alien planet. Well. I was mistaken. Eventually, I enrolled in a crash course on deep-sea diving, equipped myself with complete scuba gear, and at long last achieved a successful exploration of the ocean floor. And what an incredibly magical experience it was! Today, I look forward to more extraordinary adventures that measure my audacity - thanks to my relentless crusade of always trying something new.

#Hive, what about you? Is there anything new you've tried so far?

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