MonoMad: Geometries of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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From prehistoric cave shelters, modern skyscrapers to futuristic habitats as a result of space exploration, architecture has been constantly challenged by the tests of time. And no location is as diverse in its buildings as the incredible nation of India.

Glimpses of the Old

While commuting via public transportation on an auto rickshaw (a small 3-wheeled vehicle) around various cities and suburbs in India, I couldn't help but notice the extreme diversity of the surroundings.

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Though it was a pitiful sight to see traces of poverty alongside the more prosperous activities, my attention was more focused on their built environment. Historical buildings for my visual delight!

You will obviously know if these monuments are remnants from the past due to their distinctive construction materials. Wood, thatch, stone, rock, lime, bricks, and marble to name a few.

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Some of these structures exhibited crude details but quite a number of them showed the excellence of workmanship by their builders. A feeling of wonder was in the air!

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I was absolutely amazed at the level of near-perfection some of these old buildings were adorned with. Thus, scratching my head was my normal reaction whenever I encountered these marvelous works!

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It's fortunate that much of India's heritage architecture are still presently standing, well-preserved for the research, amusement, and appreciation of current as well as later generations. It was a one-of-a-kind design treat for me indeed!

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Are you an enthusiast of historical architecture? What fascinates you about these relics? Are you for their preservation or destruction and why?

Tastes of the Recent

On the other hand, India is also blessed with modern buildings as seen in their sophisticated hotels, houses, and skyscrapers. You will notice them immediately due to the types of materials used such as steel, aluminum, glass, wood, natural stone, and concrete - all combined in a seamless manner. With the rise of more sophisticated machinery, devices and tools in the construction industry, building technology has reached an all-time-high!

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Other noticeable characteristics of their new edifices were their attention to tiny details. From the exterior finishes and claddings, structural elements, to the interior furniture, fixtures, and equipment, everything has been well organized and assembled to create a holistic whole.

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My eyes were glued to the intricacies of their architectural details and I didn't stop at analyzing how they were constructed, piece by piece. As an Architect, there's a constant curiosity for how spaces are conceptualized, built, decorated, and experienced by their inhabitants.

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There's also a never-ending thirst for knowledge for the improvement of upcoming projects. Do you think this is an easy endeavor? It may seem like it but frankly, it's not!

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Nevertheless, India's modern architecture is something that must not be overlooked. Like their developed urban counterparts, they've truly succeeded in being up to speed with new developments, leveling up their status as one of the world's fastest emerging architectural havens.

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Are you passionate about modern buildings as opposed to older built environments?

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What factors have affected your choices - materials, design concepts, or construction technologies? Would you rather keep destroying older infrastructures and build new ones?

A Promising Future

With a life-changing visionary like Elon Musk relentlessly pushing his ambitions for mankind to be an interplanetary human species, I could simply imagine its impact on the architecture industry. How will the houses, buildings, and towers of tomorrow look like? This is something we could all experience in the not-so-distant future as numerous technologies have been innovating with lightning speed.

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India may not yet be completely equipped for the space race, but who knows? Our Planet Earth is getting smaller and smaller everyday. Communications, modern inventions, and scientific knowledge are spreading fast due to the Internet and other revolutionary breakthroughs. Hence, it's merely a matter of time before all these architectural developments would be realized. Just wait and see!

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