Life's Close Calls

Are You on the Edge?


Hello Hivers!

My opening question might be a subjective one. And I agree that there are plenty of ways to translate it.

But, here's a more profound angle to interpret it:
Have you reached a point in life where you're about to give up?

Most of us have. Indeed, the present era has crippled us with a plethora of problems that have disrupted our typical routines. Some overwhelming issues like unemployment, bankruptcy, homelessness, hunger, and disease have reshaped our usual standards of living. The list is long. No wonder, humanity has suffered psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. And if we're not careful, we might drown in the deep ocean of tribulations and never ascend to the surface to gasp for air.

"Why is this happening to me?" This unavoidable worry keeps pinching you.

Know this - you're not alone. As mere mortals, no one is exempted from adversity because it does not choose who to target. At some point, each one of us will experience our share of this dreadful truth. We've been bombarded with dilemmas, difficulties, and burdens that have heavily weighted us down.

So hold on tight! Life's journey is going to be a rough ride.

Trapped in the Storm

Trapped In The Storm.jpg

Just like trying to predict an earthquake, it's simply impossible to accurately forecast upcoming events.

We currently exist in uncertain times. And our lives have learned to revolve around an unpredictable society. There's only so much we can accomplish with the best of our abilities. We can't alter the course of our destiny because it's beyond our control.

This is a dark season for mankind. For now, we need to adapt to the "new normal" this life-threatening pandemic has caused. We don't have a choice - it's our existence at stake here. Add to that mix the terrible economic weather, cruel misfortunes, and crazy pandemonium we're experiencing nowadays. Could this painful reality possibly result in a ticking time bomb that's waiting to explode?

"When would this end? How much more could I take?" You ask yourself as this restless thought continues to bother you.

On the Threshold of Survival

On The Threshold Of Survival.jpg

If you're on a tightrope right now, isn't that a frightening situation to be in? One small accidental slip of your foot and you immediately fall to your unfortunate demise. But, that would not happen because of the safety harness attached to your waist. I for one wouldn't wish to be caught in that scary scenario. Thus, it matters to be always ready and secure.

Many years ago, I was up close and personal with death. I just came from a town fiesta in one of the faraway municipalities of our province. It was a gloomy and stormy night on my way back to the city. And while I was driving, I noticed a faint circular headlight (about a kilometer ahead) beaming towards me.

Thinking it was just a small motorcycle, I fell half asleep with my hands still firmly gripping my vehicle's steering wheel. Little did I know that my imagined motorcycle was a large bus with only one functioning headlight on its right side. The left side of this huge transportation where its damaged headlight was located was in a collision course towards my direction. Fortunately, as the speeding bus was approaching me with just a few meters apart, I suddenly came back to my full senses due to a street pothole that jerked my car and woke me up. And then by instinct, I quickly swerved to the right side of the road. Whew! It was clearly a split-second miracle that saved me. Or else that mishap would have cost my life.

Our unexpected near-death encounters are there to remind us not to take our lives for granted. Even when everything seems hopeless, it's not the end of the world. Transform those challenges into stepping stones toward the realization of your dreams.

Well, here's encouraging news!

Aren't you still alive and breathing while reading this now? You've obviously stretched this far, haven't you? That means with faith, gratitude, and courage, you've triumphed over your enemy: despair and the loss of appetite for living.

After all, isn't this what makes our time here on Earth exciting, fun, interesting, and worthwhile? Don't waste the gift of life - you only have one.

Your Launchpad to Majestic Heights

Your Launchpad To Majestic Heights.jpg

Therefore, while you're still here, make it count. Pursue your heart's desires. Play. Laugh. Enjoy your moments. Help humanity. Love. Leave a lasting legacy for the next generation.

Regardless of where you are today, you'll never run out of fuel to elevate yourself to higher altitudes. There's enough value, goodness, and prosperity in every human being. You are important. Don't give up. Keep going.

Such a positive attitude equipped me with the power to soar over negative obstacles, dark forces, and self-defeating circumstances.

So can you.

And if you happen to lose your balance and fall off from the mountain cliff of life, just spread your wings like an eagle and fly!