If only a Tree can Talk


Tree: Hey human, what's up? I've been desperately longing to speak to you for a long while now. Can you hear me?

Me: Hello tree, I'm fine, thanks. For some weird reason - yes, I can hear you. How are you doing?

Tree: Not great at all. And I'm glad you asked.

Me: Why, what happened if I may know?



Tree: There are some crucial issues I'd like to share with you that's causing this ongoing dilemma. So, all ears please.

Ever since you, earthlings existed on this planet, there has been this silent war between us and your kind.


First, our natural habitats are rapidly disappearing due to your insatiable greed for lumber, wood, and timber as construction materials for building your cities. Although we understand the need to harvest mature trees for fabrication purposes, you still mindlessly kill my younger siblings for economic gain.

Me: Absolutely, we are indeed guilty of those wrongdoings. Our abuse of virgin forests such as uprooting seedlings, unethical land development, and illegal logging activities have diminished your population.


Tree: Second, the unexploited atmosphere surrounding our cherished homes are eventually poisoned due to the rise of careless pollution.

You intentionally consume fossil fuels plus other non-renewable resources to power your industries without due consideration for more sustainable practices.

Me: Exactly, we have been blindly ignoring the precious gifts of Mother Nature with a non-grateful attitude - not giving back to the environment. As a result, humanity will be suffering the consequences of our reckless actions.


Tree: And third, you haven't nurtured our soils well with the correct cultivation methods, leaving most of us constantly hungry or dead. See, fallen leaves are actually beneficial because they serve as effective fertilizers for our continuous growth. However, you have disposed of them like garbage without applying the ideas of recycling management. A lot of unnecessary wastes thrown to the drain!

Me: As much as most of us would deny your accusations, you have certainly nailed the correct points. Your three wake-up calls address harsh truths about the current state of our natural world, especially in areas where trees abound. We are guilty as charged - what a shame!



Tree: On top of that, are you even conscious that the human species couldn't survive without our existence? Apart from absorbing carbon dioxide as well as other toxic particles in the air, plus filtering the ecosystem for unwanted pollutants, we freely provide fresh oxygen so you can continue breathing for as long as you desire. Yet, it seems you have taken this tremendous privilege for granted.

Me: Definitely, I couldn't agree with you more. People have been too occupied nowadays with their self-interests without paying attention to their one and only abode: Planet Earth.

What can we do collectively today to improve our failing relationship?


Tree: Tree-planting movements, seed propagation, soil maintenance, and other similar environmental awareness programs are simply a few of the ways to keep the ball rolling.

We hope you all would heartily listen to our urgent cries for help. Time is surely running out, thus it's best to act now.


Me: Copy that! Again, many thanks for this interesting conversation. Until then, peace!

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