Glorious Skies | MonoMad Challenge

SKIES 01.jpg

Ever since I was little, my fascination with pictures was already evident in my young personality. I was clearly a visual person and was magnetized to all kinds of images that stimulated my wild imagination. Though I didn't become a photographer, my passion for photography eventually evolved through my profound interests in architecture, the fine arts, and the film industry.

I'm particularly attracted to photographs with a classic aesthetic. They radiate a timeless feel and they arouse my experiences of nostalgia. I join @brumest in her quest to showcase life around the world in black and white.

In this post, I'm featuring my monochromatic photo collection of atmospheric phenomena as captured from the ground and sea levels, and viewed from above. As my first contribution here, this is my entry for the #monomad challenge by @monochromes in the Hive's Black and White Community.

The headline photo is entitled "Cloudy Summer" and was taken during one of my unforgettable boat trips in the Philippines. Here are the rest. Enjoy!

SKIES 02.jpg

Moments before Touchdown

SKIES 03.jpg

Foggy Evening Drive

SKIES 04.jpg

Rainbow Connection

SKIES 05.jpg

Lonely Sunset

SKIES 06.jpg

Soothing Sunrise by the Beach

SKIES 07.jpg

Fishermen's Day Out

SKIES 08.jpg

From Dusk until Dawn

SKIES 09.jpg

Coastal Clouds

SKIES 10.jpg

Nature's Sunset Artwork

SKIES 11.jpg

Above the Clouds

Thank you for stopping by! Until next time, stay awesome #Hive, my tribe!

Life in black and white is colorfully real.


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