Fight or Flight


Are you game?

Whether you're an avid gamer or not, the feeling of winning or losing in a test, quest, or battle is a familiar emotion.

However, this human reaction didn't happen automatically or overnight. It's the continuous accumulation consisting of several years of influential factors implemented by nature, society, and yourself. In other words, we are basically the sum of beliefs, behaviors, and experiences that have eventually shaped who we are today.

Sounds good to be true, isn't it? But hold on, let's not jump to conclusions right away. From a deeper level of consciousness, there's actually more happening inside people than what meets the eyes.



Truth be told, not everyone in this imperfect world of ours is entitled with the freedom of choice, confining them within their own prisons or under the mercy of other so-called manipulators. As unfair as their situations are, they absolutely can't exercise their right to fight back, take flight, or just be neutral.

As a result, these pathetic victims become trapped in a vicious cycle, struggling through endless loops of hopelessness. Like a hamster running on a spinning wheel that never stops, they may appear productive on the outside, but unfortunately end up with nothing. Such a frustrating circumstance! Don't you think?



In an ideal environment, shouldn't we be offered the fair opportunity to arrive at a conscious decision, according to our own free will? As opposed to being restricted, shouldn't we be openly allowed to pick various options, and deal with the resulting consequences regardless of what they are?



At the end of the day, shouldn't life be similar to a game that we could play? It should!


Recently, I happened to pass by a gaming arcade and entertainment hub inside one of the popular malls in my locality. It was definitely an amusing place littered with all sorts of spectacles, the kind of space that uplifts a depressing mood. The moment I entered its premises, I could immediately sense the exhilarating energy in the air.




Shrieks. Howls. Sighs. Cheers. Laughter. The adrenalin rush was apparently alive.

Gaming enthusiasts of different age groups were present, yet the majority were kids or those who belonged to the younger generation.




Mesmerized by the gaming machines, equipment, lights, sounds, and other fascinating paraphernalia, most of these players were completely absorbed in their imaginary worlds. They weren't even aware that I was watching them up close.

"If only those favorable attitudes while gaming could also be shifted to real human behaviors? We could have prevented unnecessary frustrations, indecisions, suicides, and more issues." I pondered while observing them.

If only.




On the flip side, it's still a phenomenon way beyond our control though. We couldn't possibly maneuver the desired outcomes of the games we play despite the optimism plus excitement we inject into our intentions, perceptions, and actions.

So, what should you do?


Simply have fun! Brace yourself, enjoy the ride, and trust the process! Win or lose, it's actually helpful to indulge in life's journey - embracing the many successes and failures that are truly worthwhile in the long run. Arriving at the destination is not a guarantee.


Let me repeat the question: are you game?

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