Does Life Just Happen By Itself?

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Here's a crucial question for you:

Why do you do what you do?

As strange as it may sound, are you being controlled by the universal forces around you? Do you happen to be under the mercy of an imaginary puppet master who manipulates your movements without your consent? What are the motivational triggers that determine your actions?

Or are you merely riding the wave of life without any clue about where you're going?

Without a doubt, these are thought-provoking questions that remind us to examine closely why we do the things that we do.

The Significance of the Decisions You Make

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Unlike the natural environment and the animal kingdom which only thrive through the instincts of the genetic code, human beings have the capacity to choose whatever they want out of life. And it's this absolute freedom that allows us to think, aspire, and dream. We are indeed a fortunate species, aren't we?

Regardless of where we are in life at the moment, our various endeavors provide us with the needed energy to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. Our chosen aspirations push us to travel on the various trails towards our preferred goals.

In today's materialistic generation, it's obvious that people work for the money, strive for popularity, or gratify themselves in unworthy worldly delights.

On the other hand, is that all that matters?

Not a single day passes by without being faced with the choices to make - like the mundane daily tasks of what clothes to wear, what food to eat, and what place to go? These are of course "no-brainer" routines that typically don't require anything outside the ordinary. They've been formed through the normal habits we cultivate that they've become automatic activities.

"But, what about those life-changing decisions that alter the course of our existence?" This is a critical question that most of us are afraid to ask because this requires deep thought, careful planning, and time-consuming analysis.

While some small decisions may be overlooked, there are major ones that create a ripple effect to the point of affecting our entire well-being and, as a result, transform the very person that we are.

Practicing the art of making sensible, effective, and sustainable decisions are properly learned from the various life experiences you encountered and the precious wisdom collected from them.

Depending on the complexity of your options, there are relevant reasons behind the choices you make.

The Ferris Wheel of Life

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There are periods in our lives that catch us by surprise. These unwanted consequences happen because of the kinds of decisions we follow. They position us on certain levels as we journey on the hierarchy of our existence.

The Ferris Wheel is an ideal metaphor to represent the cycles of life and human evolution. Because this is a common attraction in popular amusement parks, it's easy for us to understand its symbolism.

As passengers of the ride, we come across various events that occur, delivering us from birth to death, providing pleasurable or painful experiences, falling in love or provoking hate, and going through the ups and downs of our journey.

Another meaningful interpretation is from the popular song "Circle of Life" performed by Elton John from the famous film Lion King. Do you remember that movie? It also demonstrates the stages of life in an upward and downward momentum. This goes to show that there's no such thing as a straight road in our voyage through life. It's certainly a bumpy trip, isn't it?

Both scenarios illustrate the powerful symbolism of the circle. Aside from being one of the most common shapes you see around, it possesses a deep meaning that transcends many cultures, beliefs, and borders.

"Now, what do our values got to do with the circle of life?" I'll answer that question in the next section.

Values Are Humanity's Solid Roots

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I help people in materializing their dream homes. And one of the most important responsibilities of being an Architect is the design of the project's underground foundations. With the collaboration of the building team, we ensure that these structural components withstand earthquakes, wind pressures, and other elements that compromise the building's stability.

You wouldn't want your house to suddenly collapse due to weak substructures, would you? Bear in mind, human lives are at stake here.

On a similar note, cultivating the proper values in life is just like creating a durable infrastructure to face the unpredictable forces of nature ahead. Without values, you can't develop an unshakable character. Without values, you won't have the courage to battle adversities. Without values, you'd get stuck and won't be able to capture good decisions to move forward.

"There are plenty to choose from. But, which value should I practice?" You might wonder as you look at my attached photo.

Despite being shrouded in mystery, love is the most powerful force in the universe and is the magical energy that binds humanity through the values they embrace and share.

Depending on what you really want in life, all the indicated values are significant and are there to support your decision-making process. Yet, at the core of it all is love.

As much as we try to uncover the mysteries of love, it has transformed into an unfathomable phenomenon that's difficult to explain. Even scientists are continually baffled and have simply touched the surface. Only our Divine Creator knows the secrets to this enigma. So, let it be.

The Best Fruits Come From The Seeds of Values

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Let's compare a tree to a person as there are some similarities that connect them. First, they're both made of a high percentage of water, the universal liquid of life. Second, they have an average lifespan of around 80 years. And third, both of them are not created equal. Every tree or human is unique in their own right. The type of nourishment or value they receive will determine their final outcomes.

A tree is a perfect example in terms of its similarities to making decisions. To put it into perspective, compare our values to its roots. This is where everything starts for the tree to grow and survive. Its fruits clearly show the results based on what it's being enriched with.

Without the proper nourishment it gathers from the soil and the natural surroundings where it's planted, it's not possible for it to sprout seeds, to grow roots, and to thrive in different conditions during the changing seasons of the year.

Therefore, I strongly believe that our VALUES are at the center of it all. They are the critical pillars of our life principles about what are treasured, vital, and acceptable to society. They ultimately influence the most powerful reasons why we do what we do. Does that make sense?

Better Decisions Lead to the Right Path

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If you're not sure whether you're on the correct road, here are some guiding principles to help you in your decision-making voyage:

Dedicate some quiet time to be alone to reflect, meditate, and listen to your thoughts and emotions.
Use the logical and creative sides of your mental capacity to arrive at a conclusive result.
You have the power behind every decision you make as you dictate its effectiveness or failure.
This is one of the most reliable tools that you can depend on for making important choices.
These precious gems are your best foundations in making important decisions.

Indeed, the mastery of decision-making is a powerful skill that should not be taken for granted. And don't forget - consider values as your favorite bag of tools whenever you're faced with life-changing choices.

Special thanks to @wesphilbin and his movement #thoughtfuldailypost for the inspiration and enlightenment to create content that pushes the boundaries of our mental awareness. This allows us to reflect well about life, practice authentic thought leadership, and make wise decisions.

#Hive, why do you do what you do?

Take care and all the best...


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