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BEASTS 01.jpg

Horse and Carriage in New York

Also called service or working animals, these wonderful creatures have been known to serve mankind since time immemorial. These special breeds of living species are typically domesticated animals trained to execute specific tasks that are beneficial to the human owners who keep them. Some of the much lighter chores these animals perform include guiding blind people, assisting law enforcement, herding cattle or sheep, hunting or gathering, and securing households or premises. On the other hand, there are also the larger categories of animals that are equipped to carry heavy loads, transport personnel and cargo, as well as do manual labor that people couldn't physically handle. Hence, we coined the phrase "beasts of burden".

For this edition, I'm featuring our modern-day beasts of burden in their black and white photographic splendor. This is my entry for the #monomad challenge by @monochromes.

BEASTS 02.jpg

Police Horse in England

BEASTS 03.jpg

The Hardworking Camel from India

BEASTS 04.jpg

Galloping to Petra in Jordan

BEASTS 05.jpg

The Cambodian Elephant Duo

BEASTS 06.jpg

Smart Horse Serving Malaysia

BEASTS 07.jpg

Entertaining Elephant from Thailand

BEASTS 08.jpg

Camel Rising in Egypt

#Hive, which beast of burden is your favorite one from the photos above? Thank you for visiting!

Life in black and white is colorfully real.


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