Problem and Solution 1: Battling Depression

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What is Depression?

Who hasn't been sad? Let's admit it. Frustration, despair, loneliness, rejection, and loss are some of the fundamental reasons why we end up in this emotional condition. It's vital to bear in mind, though, that sadness is clearly one of the typical human emotions that ultimately open our eyes to granting importance to its opposite feeling: happiness.

However, there are times in our lives when sadness becomes a recurring pattern of unhealthy episodes that eventually escalate into depression. If that happens, know that you're not alone. Depression is currently a common disorder in society and has been described by the World Health Organization as a serious illness that continues to invade people from all walks of life.


Depression is a life-threatening and abnormal condition that's characterized by excessive feelings of sadness, low levels of motivation, and loss of appetite for life in general. While, we can't control the adverse life events and tragic outcomes that occur unexpectedly, we can only adjust our attitudes when facing these moments of crisis. Yet, not everyone has the strength and know-how to defend themselves against these painful attacks. They may have inherited this sickness from genetic, social, or environmental influences that make them victims of this dreaded disorder.

For those suffering from depression, there are plenty of unfavorable symptoms that are manifested in the physical, psychological, and emotional human states. The following are some of the most common signs:

  • Loss of body weight due to lack of appetite for food
  • Drain of energy levels for sex and other physical activities
  • Sleeping periods extend above normal duration
  • Slow mental processes with poor focus
  • Self-pity and other self-destructive thinking habits
  • Struggles in problem-solving and decision-making
  • Lack of excitement and loss of pleasure for interesting endeavors
  • Low self-esteem and obsessive guilt feelings

The list is long. As a matter of fact, problems become even more complicated because of the influx of other factors that we're not even aware of. I had my considerable share of depressing moments that almost imprisoned me to the chains of hopelessness for good. There was a time in my life when I couldn't take it anymore. It happened during a chapter in my professional career where I lost my job and became unemployed for a few months. I almost gave up but because I persevered and fought to survive, I was able to avoid plunging into the pits of depression. From my personal experience, here are some effective solutions that rescued me from further decay:


There's enlightening truth in the saying "Health is Wealth". Because we are essentially mortal beings, it's simply a must to exercise regularly and feed our physical bodies with the right nourishment to support our longevity. How on earth could we survive for the long term without eating and drinking? Without the physiological energy to move forward, it's merely impossible to shield ourselves against depression, and boost our defenses to face further adversity. What other health practices have helped you?


Nothing is more powerful than the healing touch of a mother, father, sibling, relative, friend, or significant other during periods of distress. "No man is an island", and because we are social beings, it's beneficial for us to reach out to other people who can grab our hand and lift us away from depression by shifting us into much safer grounds. Aside from connecting with existing relationships, it's even more important to create new friendships, new allies who can transform your life for the better. How have you avoided being lonely?


When it comes to experiencing a truly effective remedy for depression, our natural environment is one of the least expensive alternatives for relieving stress, boosting our moods, and enriching our well-being. As you know, the metropolitan lifestyle has been a major cause of deteriorating health standards. Influences from digital technology, the Internet, and social media are a few of the reasons why people become depressed nowadays. What specific location in nature has been instrumental for your therapy?


Stop being paranoid and cynical. These self-defeating states of the mind are destructive to our mental health and only worsen our chances of being depressed. Negativity drains our confidence and imprisons us in a tight cell filled with pessimism, irrational mental behaviors, and distorted perspectives about the world around us. This devastating attitude also affects our emotional health and deletes moments of happiness rendering them useless. What thoughts and emotions have inspired you to move forward?


There you go. Because depression is a curable disorder, it's not the end of the world! And if you're worried about becoming a victim of this dangerous illness, there are effective methods that can surely ease your burden, depending of course on your personal assessment and adaptation. Focus on the bright side and you'll free yourself from the clutches of depression in no time!

#Hive, have you tried other solutions that can cure depression? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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