Away From The Chaos

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Stress. Noise. Pollution. Anxiety. Violence. Madness. Who hasn't experienced them?

We currently live in a world with a plethora of unexpected disruptions and escalating problems. In a second's notice, they happen to us frequently. These unavoidable scenarios could suddenly appear out of nowhere from ordinary activities, work-related efforts, or random events from our daily grind. It's a pity some of us aren't ready to handle such abrupt challenges.

What if everything begins to pile up and eventually overwhelm you? What would you do? Do you wait until undesirable outcomes like fatigue, sickness, burnout, and insanity creep into your system?

"No way!" you say. "There has to be an escape!"

Search for your Peaceful Place

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It's crucial to have your special spot to enjoy the serenity - to retreat to a location where you can calm down and exit life's demanding responsibilities. Ample rest is vital to recapture your drained energy. Or else, it's merely impossible to deal with the continuous demands and pressures ahead.

Having a specific place to relax and surrender all your cares, worries plus fears is not only healthy but also necessary for most of us. Authentic peace of mind commences with a physical place of tranquility.

There was a time in my professional career when I almost had it all. Fat salary, executive privileges, employment benefits - you name it. Aside from the stress that came with the job, these perks provided me with an enjoyable and successful lifestyle.

On the contrary, clueless that misfortune was lurking in the neighborhood, my employing organization suddenly suffered a financial recession. And unfortunately, I was one of those who had to go. That left me devastated and it was certainly difficult for me to accept my fate. I took it personally. Because I felt rejected, it deteriorated my physical well-being and mental condition to the point of over-thinking, developing inferiority-complex, and trembling with anxiety.

"How am I going to survive?" I kept harboring this restless attitude for as long as I can remember.

Nowadays, for most of our society's working-class patrons, getting terminated and losing your only means of livelihood would spell "The End".

However, not for me.

It's Okay to be Alone

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But not lonely. I mean being in physical solitude doesn't have to be done because you hate the company of other people. It was just my way of focusing more attention on myself.

Besides, I was surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones who were truly concerned about me. As much as they were sincere in extending their support for my recovery, I strongly desired to go away, take a much-needed break, and just be all by myself.

"To be honest, I just want to be alone, to recharge!" That's what I told them while wiping the tears from my eyes.

I tried multiple options when it came to finding my ideal peaceful place. A few of them included checking-in alone in cozy city hotels, traveling alone to unfamiliar destinations where I didn't know anyone, and experimenting with all sorts of available medical therapies.

As crazy as it sounds, these methods were also instrumental in improving my weakening state, Yet, I wasn't completely convinced and satisfied. There was something else I was looking for.

The Healing Power of Mother Nature

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At the end of the day, our vibrant natural environment was surprisingly my hero! I had an instant connection with Mother Nature - her restorative force rescued me immediately from further decay. I could write an entire book enumerating the various benefits she can provide us in terms of health, well-being, and productivity. The advantages simply outweigh the disadvantages.

Here are some of the rejuvenating locations where I found relaxing solitude, authentic serenity, and effective recuperation:

I enjoyed being in the presence of trees and other friendly green giants of nature. These gentle creatures can usually be experienced in gardens and parks. But the best ones are those found in deep forests or uninhabited woods.

Did you know that hugging a tree increases your levels of oxytocin? This human hormone is responsible for the sense of calmness and emotional bonding. How cool is that?

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Ahhh…sun, sea, and sand! How I miss the beach!

This is my personal favorite.

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Bodies of water like lakes, oceans, and seas with their corresponding ecological shorelines deliver the following healing effects:

• Elimination of stress and pure relaxation
• Rejuvenation and improvement of our immune system
• Enhancement of sleep and breathing patterns
• Decrease of depression and easing of mood
• Cure for skin diseases

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The soothing sound of running water is music to my ears!

It's a known fact that water is the universal elixir of life. The mere sight and sound of aquatic environments like a waterfall sparks a deep biological bridge with us and triggers a fast response in our brains. It causes a flow of neurochemicals that are responsible for improved blood circulation, wellness, and relaxation.

Thus, it's not a surprise why some people build their homes close to these wonders of nature!

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Where is your Space of Tranquility?

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I call these marvelous creations of the natural environment my "sacred spaces". They're where I can really reflect, relax, meditate, and revive my dilapidated condition back to normal.

Do we have to wait until the end of our lives until we can "rest in peace"? Or would it be much better to "exist in peace" today? - storiesoferne

With this, I can finally say that I've truly stayed away from the chaos!

#Hive, have you discovered your peaceful place?