My Introduction to the Hive

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"You're an architect and a huge chunk of your time is already swallowed by your various projects. Why do you still want to embrace the art of writing?" My former colleague asked when he witnessed me composing words for an article.

Yet, here I am now - still unloading my thoughts through the written medium and sharing them with this dynamic collective of digital content advocates.

Greetings Hive Community!

As a newcomer here, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Erne. I'm an introvert, a daydreamer, and a creative.

I was born and raised from the humble island of Cebu in the Philippines. My childhood days were spent with my three brothers. And being the eldest of the bunch, I had to learn the challenging ropes of responsibility, generosity, patience, bravery, and self-sacrifice at a tender age.

As she was the only flower in the family household, my Mom had the tough duty of grooming her four sons to adulthood. Nevertheless, we all made it through the pains and gains of growing up. We ended up becoming mature and trustworthy citizens.

While my siblings led different professional careers later in life, I was the only one who followed in my late Dad's footsteps. He was an architect. Like him, I had to encounter the various demands, obstructions, and perks of living up to the profession. After graduating with the course of BS Architecture from the Cebu Institute of Technology-University, I was convinced that this discipline was meant for me.

However, it wasn't always a bed of roses. Practicing as a new architect in my native country was not smooth sailing as there was a lot of competition from related industries.

Hence, I made the courageous decision of departing from my birthplace, moving abroad, and thriving in environments with much greener pastures.

Architecture was the primary vehicle that equipped me to expand my work in various parts of Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America as well as travel for business and pleasure globally. I was definitely glad I made the right choice for my profession.

Who would have expected that I'd actually come face to face with an architectural icon in my lifetime? It was an unforgettable moment worth sharing that I couldn't keep to myself. I'm referring to no other than Fallingwater - a famous residential masterpiece built in Pennsylvania, USA and designed by one of my role models: the world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959).

If art, design, and architecture also streams within your veins, this celebrated landmark should exist in your bucket list of must-experience destinations.

Why Pursue My Passion for Words?

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"Writing is not something done forcefully. Like an irresistible itch that needs to be scratched, my urge and longing for crafting words as a mental, emotional, and spiritual outlet has been satisfying. It's a natural part of me and a God-given gift I continue to refine. Eventually, it has also become one of my most effective therapies for relieving stress and easing the tensions of daily life. My writing has unleashed my personal stories, opinions, and experiences to the world and, as a result, has touched the lives of others."

This would be my most confident reply to my former colleague's question mentioned earlier.

More importantly, I'm truly grateful to the wonderful people behind the Hive Blog for providing us with a social avenue for our voices to be heard, a platform for bridging precious relationships, and incentives for rewarding our remarkable talents altogether.

On a similar note, my participation in this distinguished group of individuals wouldn't be possible without the right connections. This special acknowledgment goes to my good friend and fellow architect @discoveringarni. Many thanks Arni for showing me the way!

What's Keeping Me Alive?

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Aside from the needed nourishment to feed my physical body, I fully invest in significant resources that add value to my mind, heart, and soul.

To name a few: reading books, sketching design themes, playing musical instruments, singing ballads, browsing social media, bonding with loved ones, and writing media online are what occupy my typical day. And of course, these enjoyable activities would never be complete without my favorite mug of hot coffee!

As much as I enjoy the company of other people, I also treasure being by myself. Being alone doesn't mean I'm lonely (becoming a hermit is out of my perspective). But shifting to beneficial solitude when necessary allows me to focus on things that really matter.

Moreover, on certain occasions, you might catch me staring sharply at the ceiling or the sky with piercing eyes. I may appear like a lunatic, but for those who know me personally, they already understand that I'm inside my "cocoon of imagination". This is when I'm completely immersed in a mental and emotional concoction of ideas, insights, and dreams. Most of the time, my absentminded habit is linked to my right-brain thinking. However, I'd intentionally control this awkward behavior whenever I'm in a public space. You wouldn't like to be misinterpreted as an insane person, would you?

Home is Where the Heart Dwells

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After having dedicated more than two decades of my professional career in the international corporate arena, I finally settled back in my place of origin. And yes, it wasn't easy to detach myself from my previous endeavor as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker).

I had to leave behind employment benefits, networks of colleagues, cherished friendships, and memorable physical experiences which I've collected over the years abroad. Painful? For sure.

Here's why I made that life-changing decision.

Freedom. Independence. Transformation. These are the three most powerful reasons that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I've always desired to be my own boss so I can follow my very own dreams - not the dreams of my employers. There are limitations to what you can do when you're working for another company. That's what happens when you're just an employee! And I definitely don't wish to be one forever.

Entrepreneurship was my saving grace. It showered me with countless opportunities to capture the ideal existence I've always wanted. It allowed me to be the master of my time, to exercise autonomy, and to change myself for the better. Thus, no regrets.

Today, I'm a private-practicing architect, a supportive mentor, and a business-owner. My journey may not be flawless, but everything that happened so far has positioned me in my "sweet spot". It's when I'm in a state of flow that miracles blossom. It's when I do what I truly love that I've unlocked my real purpose. It's when I've discovered a marvelous tribe of passionate humans that I can call home.

#Hive - this is where I belong.